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Horseback riding at Spur Cross Stables was the coolest experience I have ever had.  the employees are welcoming, knowledgeable, and wanted to help in any way they can. They provide a canvas bag to put any of your belongings (camera, cell phone, wallet, etc.), 2 carrots for your horse, and 2 water bottles (one frozen and one chilled.)  Once they bring your horse around they show you how to get on and how to direct and stop your horse during your ride.  During the trail ride there is a guide in the front and riders file behind in a single line. Horses go at a moderate walking pace. During the ride you get great looks at the surrounding mountains, cacti, old mining shafts and a river bed. The ride takes just about 2 hours and is plenty of time if you’re looking for a fun afternoon activity. I would highly recommend Spur Cross Stables to all kinds of riders, beginners and experts. Great place and very well tempered horses.