3 Tips For Horse Trail Riding

Do you want trail riding tips?

Horse trail riding is full of fun and adventure. However, it can go bad quickly when you or your horse suffer injuries and other problems on the trail that could have been avoided with proper horse training. Trail riding with your horse can be pleasurable for you and your equine, but it requires preparation and alertness. You must be extremely aware of every detail so your trail ride will go as smoothly as possible. Max the potential of fun and adventure by following these three important guidelines in horse trail riding.

Trail Riding Tip No. 1 – Prepare Properly

Prepping for the trail ride is perhaps the most important procedure. Good fortune comes to those who are prepared. Prior preparation prevents poor performance.

– Preparing the horse includes cleaning the horse’s feet with the ever-useful hoof pick. After cleaning and maintaining the feet, make sure that the shoes are tight and comfortable.
– Groom the horse thoroughly particularly on the areas where the tack will touch him. This is to prevent discomfort on the part of the animal.
– The saddle pad should be clean and pulled forward and up over the withers to create air space over withers and back. The saddle pad should perfectly fit the horse.
– Adjust the bridle properly. Make sure that there are no loose straps or pinching. The leathers should be always oiled and in good condition. The halter should be fitting as well.
– If using a halter under the bridle, the lead rope should be coiled and fastened onto the saddle so the horse has room to move it’s head.
– Hydrate the horse before starting on the trail.
– You should dress accordingly. It is best to dress in layers, or to bring appropriate gear for any weather. Wear a hat or at least, bring one and apply sunscreen.

Trail Riding Tip No. 2 – Know What To Bring

Trail riding is almost like camping. Here are some things that you should bring with you:

– Current Coggins / health / brand inspection
– Pocket knife
– Insect repellent
– Jacket
– Water
– Hat
– Lip balm
– First aid kit for horses and riders
– Gloves
– Cell Phone in case of emergency
– Form of identification
– Hoof pick
– Fly Spray
– Compass
– String or leather for tack repair
– Sunscreen
– Sunglasses
– Snacks
– Rain gear

The things listed are self-explanatory. You should be able to know their purposes, or be riding with an experienced person who knows how to use each piece of equipment.

Trail Riding Tip No. 3 – Follow the Rules On the Trail

Last but not least you should know what to do and not to do when on the trail.

– Even the most trained of horses can get spooked if startled. Therefore, make sure that you are aware of your surroundings. Less surprises, the better.
– A kicking horse should be tied with a red ribbon in the tail.
– Maintain space between you and the next horse.
– Make sure that the horse you are riding is suitable for you in terms of riding skill level and the degree of bond or connection.
– Stay on the trail and never separate with the group. If you want to leave, make sure to inform the group.
– When making a rest stop, loosen the horse’s cinch and lift up back of saddle and pad so air can get to his back and cool it.
– Always pay attention to your animal and your surroundings.
– Make way for fellow users of the trail. Be respectful of space and clean up after yourself and your animal.
– Bring a highline or picket for your animals so as not to damage trees.

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