Riding Horses – A Great Sport

In war, horses were specifically trained to be “bomb proof.” Most horses, like soldiers, would not survive many battles and wars. In the early colonization of america, horses were used as farming aids, and as a backing in building the railroads, large buildings, and many water canals. It is safe to say that as time has passed by, the human race has become more and more reliant on machines and other advances in technology, that eventually pushed the role of horses back.

In order to find horses today, one must look past the busy streets of urban cities and into the rural, or country sides. Horses take part in the rich-man sport of horse racing, as well as being found competing in sports such as equestrian, show-jumping, cross-country, or dressage. Today, many people are turned off of horse-back riding because it is seen as a boring or unpopular or an uncommercial sport. This should not be the case at all.

There has been disputes about horse-back riding, or equestrian actually being able to fall into the genre of sport. However, there are countless arguments against the claim that riding a horse is “not a sport.” There are over fifteen different muscle groups that being used in simply riding a horse around in a circle.When you start competing, and moving to different speeds, such as the trot, and canter, almost every single muscle in the leg are being used. You are competitive in the sense that you compete for ribbons and an over all title in show-jumping, and horse eventing, it is a competitive and olympic sport.

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